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SARL Darnapack is a printing and packaging company specialized in flexible and food packaging. It’s headoffice is located in Setif City and its production factory is in El-Ouricia at 9 km north of the province of Setif.

In terms of stick sugar packaging, the company owns a production capacity of 2500kg/day.

This result boosted it to act on the distribution plan to cover the national market. Nowadays, it has several sales outlets in many cities (Annaba, Constantine, Algiers, Sidi Belabes, Oran, Bordj Bouareridj, Biskra, Bejaia).

What makes the company different to its competitors is its strategy of product customization. Darnapack sells a tailor-made product that exceeds the expectations of its customers. Among the well-known trademarks and companies to whom we supplied a customized product: Tassili Airlines, Almafrique, Illy, Lavazza, Brunswick, and many many other small business lines.